April, 2016


REVEALED: Aliko Dangote and 61 other people who are richer than half of the world

Aliko Dangote, the president of Dangote group and 61 other billionaires are richer than over 3.5 billion people around the world. In a report recently released by Oxfam, an international confederation against poverty, ahead of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, it was also revealed that the richest 75 million people are richer than the rest of the world. The organisation, working in approximately 94 countries worldwide to find solutions to poverty, said the total wealth of the poorest half of the world fell by N200 trillion since 2010.Read More

Genesis of Teebillz and Tiwa Salvage marriage crisis

Tunji Balogun a.k.a Teebillz’s outburst Thursday, opening more cans of worms about his marriage to popular singer, Tiwa Savage, may be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz But before the public meltdown, there has been a deep crack in their marriage. It would be recalled that their three-year-old marriage has been having problems since last year when the celebrated singer sacked her husband as her manager. Since then, there has been whispers of things falling apart between them. Also, in 2014, it was rumouredRead More

Tiwa Savage: Tee Billz was cheating on me at the hotel while I was bleeding at the hospital

Tiwa Savage has been the subject of public ridicule since husband Tee Billz went public with allegations of her infidelity as well as having multiple sexual partners before marriage. Tiwa has now responded with her own side of the story, highlighted by her claim that she discovered that her husband was “getting knocked off” at a hotel by another woman while she was hospitalised an bleeding profusely. News Credit : The Cable News Video CREDIT : Pulse Nigeria You may also like these Post: No related posts.

Nigeria says preventing attacks by armed herdsmen a security priority

Nigeria’s government has made preventing attacks by armed herdsmen a security priority in Africa’s most populous country, a spokesman for the president said on Wednesday in the wake of an attack that may have left up to 50 people dead. The government led by President Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler, is already contending with the militant Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast and a resurgence of pipeline attacks in the oil-rich southern Niger Delta region. Clashes over land use between the semi-nomadic, cattle-herding Fulani people and more settled communitiesRead More

Trump breaks taboos, attacks Clinton on gender issue

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump waded into politically risky territory this week when he accused Democrat Hillary Clinton of exploiting her gender to win votes and said she would have little support if she were not a woman. As Trump and Clinton, fresh off big wins in Northeastern state primaries on Tuesday, circle each other for a potential matchup in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election, his comments portended what could be a nasty campaign. Trump’s remarks, while appearing to break a taboo against gender stereotypes, energized Democrats. “Keep talking,Read More

All governors declare: We are in BAD shape

Governors of the 36 states of the federation rose from their meeting on Wednesday night in one accord and with once voice, declaring: “We are in bad shape.” The N299 billion shared from the federation account for March 2016 is regarded as among the lowest in the 4th republic. Deductions from the federation account were deferred to avoid some states receiving “negative” allocations. The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), led by Abdulaziz Yari, governor of Zamfara state, has now expressed worry over the continued dwindling resources. ‎Speaking to the media after their closed-door meeting, Yari saidRead More

The First Thing Successful People Do Every Day

How do successful people cope with that first half hour of work? What they do in that crucial time can usually set the tone for the rest of the day. Many people are convinced that their early morning work routine is an important element in their success. Let’s look at what these successful people do every day, first thing, and maybe learn a few tricks from them along the way. Tony Robbins practices gratitude and visualization The famous life coach to the stars recommends starting each work day with beingRead More

Anyone Who Wants To Be Successful Needs To Drop These 10 Habits Now

‘You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own, And you know what you know, And YOU are the guy who will decide where to go” -Dr Seuss At one time in my life, I believed that my success was based on the amount of money I made, how good I was at my job, and how many people liked me. The older I got the more I realized that success for me was actually based around how happyRead More

35 Quotes From Tony Robbins: How To Become Extraordinary And Successful

Please don’t call Robbins a motivator, because as he has said: “If all you do is motivate, without a strategy, it’s like a warm bath. “It’s nice. It’s not enough.” Tony Robbins, as he reveals to the Miami Herald, prefers to think of himself as an inspirer. The life coach and performance strategist extraordinaire is known for providing powerful words of wisdom on how to achieve greatness and success in businesses and life. His first best-selling book “Awaken the Giant Within” continues to inspire millions of people around the world toRead More

10 Habits Successful People Give Up to Increase Their Productivity

What are you willing to do in order to reach success? It is common among people these days to be average and not stand out too much. But those who are successful do not fall under this category. In order to stay on top of your game and reach the level of success you want, you need to follow a certain set of self-induced rules. Success is not something that happens by accident; if you want it bad enough, you will get it. Learn the habits that successful people have given upRead More